The MAGWEAR magnetic wristband uses a high grade rare earth magnet to hold most hardware, tools, pins, and other metallic objects over your wrist. Perfect for working on ladders, under cars, in crawlspaces, hanging pictures, sewing, or in any other situation where you don’t want to drop your stuff. Unlike the cheaper ceramic magnets used in other magnetic products, Magwear uses powerful neodymium magnets that will last for many years before losing any strength, and also can hold much more hardware. ¬†All of this strength comes in a very light package, weighing less than 2.5 ounces, making Magwear easier to wear for long periods of time than the heavier and weaker ceramic magnets used in other products. Simply put, Magwear is the best on the market, and will not disappoint!

The plastic tray is extremely durable and light, and provides a solid surface for your hardware. This works much better than soft surface magnetic tool holders.

Can be attached to your wrist, belt buckle, or even your drill!

N50 Grade Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet. One of the strongest magnets available.
Velcro strap fits large and small wrists.
Blue, Red, Black, Gray, Yellow, Orange, and Pink.